Case for the motherboard??

  Wizz198303 08:30 25 Oct 2003

Im gettin an MS-6712 KT4VL motherboard its got something like 6 PCI slots and USB ports also, with an AGP slot, plus im lookin to get an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (when the price goes down) but iv heard of ppl havin problems cos of the lack of voltage etc, my computers about 3 yrs old and i cant find how much voltage iv got already.

Now to the point i want to know what kind of case i could get that could be compatible.


  slysy 08:54 25 Oct 2003

Any case that is AMD, Pentium ready can be used, best to check that the case has the required PCI slots for the motherboard.

As for the lack of voltage, where from, the Power Supply or on the motherboard itself.
If its voltage on the motherboard, then the manufacurer may have some monitoring software available.
Goto MSI website and download PC Alert4, this will show you:

CPU and System Temp
Vcore Voltage
CPU, SYS and PSU fan speed, if installed

Depending on how much load you have on the PSU, ie scanners, printers, pci cards connected to the PC Power loom, this will affect the out put from the PSU.
I would look to use at least a 350W type, remember if you use a P4 CPU, make sure that the PSU is P4 ready and get one with at least 2 fans.

One final point, look to get a case that has enough fan ports to help keep it cool inside.

Hope this helps.

Sly SY

  Forum Editor 09:07 25 Oct 2003

because if you live in the UK your mains electricity will be supplied at 230/240 volts AC (alternating current).

The important thing is the wattage of the PSU (Power Supply Unit), and that will be written on the back of the unit. Nowadays, computer components are designed to be very power-efficient, but you'll still need to make sure that your PSU is up to the job. If your present unit is three years old I would suggest a new unit, and here's a rough guide to the rating ranges of various common components:

AGP Video Card: 30/50W

Average PCI Card: 5/10W

10/100 NIC: 4W

SCSI Controller (PCI): 20W

Floppy Drive: 5W

DVD-ROM: 10/25W

CD-RW: 10/25W

7200rpm IDE Hard Drive: 5/20W

10,000rpm SCSI Drive: 10/40W

Case/CPU Fans: 3W (each)
Motherboard (without CPU and RAM): 25/40W

RAM: 8W per 128MB

Pentium 4 Processor: 70W
Athlon Processor: 70W

Add them all up, and allow a margin for USB devices, which can apply a fair load. As a guide, a 400Watt PSU should handle everything with no problems.

  goonerbill 09:08 25 Oct 2003

the main thing to think about when getting a case is room. a lot of cases are small and you end up with cpu/heatsink under the psu, so think about getting a tower case rather than midi case. this will help with keeping things cool inside and help with air circulation. also invest in rounded cables if they dont come with the mobo.

looking at your specs, ya dont mention cpu speed. with what ya thinking of having in ya pc, a 400watt + psu would be best

  Wizz198303 15:21 25 Oct 2003

oh sorry, the CPU is gonna be the AMD +3000 chip least a gig of memory. Iv looked at the back and it says 230 near the power cable slot.
so if all the cases our designed to fit any type of motherboard i should be fine just need to look for the right PSU.
I know i left this a bit late but now that iv got a new motherboard how will i know if its capable of fitting newer processors on later in the future, and what kind of fans would anyone reckamend (spelt wrong i know) that would allow for overclocking as im new to the overclockin side but a keen learner.

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