Case Fan replacement

  Furkin 12:08 03 Feb 2010

ACER T120 Desktop XP SP3.
My machine had only been on for about an hour today, when I heard a squealing sound and the screen flickered.
I immediately turned it off, fearing the worse (CPU / HDD / MB etc). It became obvious that the fan was making a groaning noise with the occasional squeak. When I touched the it, it stopped the noise, and it seemed to speed up again.
This was a FOXCONN PV983DG3: 90cm 12v CS bearing. This runs at 3200 revs. Very noisy at the best of times as other readers have experienced.

As I had been trying to get rid of the noise previously, I have a couple of things in the cupboard.
1/ Thermaltake 90cm item, although quieter it only runs at 1560 revs. I have this on at the moment, just to keep me going.
2/ Thermaltake 120cm 12025A-1B1S. This runs at 2000 revs.
3/ 90 to 120cm adapter. The 120 fan won't fit into my case. The adapter won't fit into my case.
I was about to attach the fan & adapter on the exterior of the case.
I was hoping that this would give me a bit less noise but that the size of it would also keep the machine temps optimum.

Comments on all the above really appreciated.
If none of it is feasible, I guess i'll have to get another Foxconn & put up with the noise.

It's only been on for about 20 mins since TT fan fitted, so this might be a bit soon to quote temps, but here goes:
MB-26/78. CPU-35/95. GPU-47/117. HDD-27/81.

thanks for reading.

  Furkin 15:04 03 Feb 2010

SEEKIT: Cheers mate,
14:59hrs: MB-35/95. CPU-44/111. GPU-53/127. HDD-30/86.
I had assumed that fans of similar build and size would shift a similar volume of air - ergo, faster spins would move more than a slower item of same size etc. I'd be pleased to be proven wrong. I will then have more options to look at.

My fans do get quite some use, as the home machine goes on first thing in the morning, & stays on till I go to bed. I'm disabled so at home most of the time. Am not into gaming, so no great volume usages.

I do vacuum now & then, & have made a narrow attachment to go on the hose, to get into the nooks'n'crannies.

Temps: I'm in Cornwall, and do get quite warm in the summers. As the machine is in the lounge, I'd love it to be quieter, but not at the expense of the temps. That's as far as I got last time, when I bought the few bits as in the OP.

thanks again

  oldbeefer2 16:16 03 Feb 2010

If you want to reduce fan noise, some advice click here

  Furkin 08:39 04 Feb 2010

Thanks OB2:
Just to be clear, at top of the list of priorities is:
the cooling fan has to do it's job properly.
If that means putting up with some noise, then so be it.
I followed you link thanks, & saw the table of speed -v- noise box, so that will help me a lot. All I gotta do now is find out what volume the Foxconn items shift, to give me a comparison.
No reply from Foxconn (UK) Techies yet, but will put their comments here (if I get any).

thanks again guys.

  Furkin 13:34 08 Feb 2010


I ended up getting a Noctua 92mm item from Quiet-PC. Ordered Friday - arrived Sat.
Although it runs at half the speed of my original, it's supposed to shift more air.

The temps now are pretty static at around:
M.B-35. CPU-44. GPU-51. HDD-30.

It's not as quiet as I was expecting,,,, but a great improvement.

Thanks again for your help.


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