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Case fan query

  alB* 14:59 18 Oct 2012

Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P computer running Windows XP, just lately I’ve noticed that under heavy load the CPU fan increases speed, not a problem, so I decided to give the innards a good hoovering out. As you would expect there was the usual layer of dust etc especially on the CPU so I gave everything a good clean, on testing I noticed that the small case fan wasn’t working and by the clean look of it I’d say that it hasn’t been working for some time as it was virtually free from dust, my question is, could this be a temperature controlled fan or should it run all the time or could the fan be shot, the motherboard is a Fujitsu P5GD1-FM - Thanks for any help, ...alB

  alB* 17:26 18 Oct 2012

tigertops2, thanks for your reply, the fan is connected to the board with a three pin connector, I had already tried your suggestion of unplugging but to no avail, I think probably you are correct and a new fan is required ...alB

  woodchip 17:56 18 Oct 2012

Three Pins means it is a controlled Fan speed or on off, You could check BIOS for Fan Settings

  alB* 21:07 23 Oct 2012

Thank you both for your help, I bought a new fan for a couple of quid and that doesn't work either so I can only presume that a. it's temperature controlled or b. something is duff on the MB. Can't see anything in the BIOS relating to fan speed, so I think it's a case of leave well alone, Thanks again ...alB

  alB* 22:46 24 Oct 2012

finerty, just bought the same size fan so can't say it's exact, I'm going to try the suggestion made by Mr Mistoffelees and rdave13, at least the fan should run constantly then, thanks again for the help ...alB

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