Case fan noise

  Bucket Head 15:41 21 Nov 2005

My PC has started to make a noise on start up for about 30 seconds. I've checked each fan and found that the noise stops when I stop the case fan/chassis fan. I've tried to blow all the dust off. The fan is blowing air out so the sticker/lube point is not accessable without dismantling the whole thing.

My PC is from Mesh. It's 2.5 yrs old so has 6 months to go on warranty. How do I persuade Mesh to change the fan on site?

  WhiteTruckMan 15:57 21 Nov 2005

A noisy fan can drive some people absolutely nuts, I know. You probably are entitled to have it replaced, but realistically you would probably be better off replacing it yourself. Its a lot less hassle, annd they are only a couple of pounds anyhow, and arent difficult to replace. If its not a high performance machine you might even be able to do without it altogether!


  Bucket Head 16:02 21 Nov 2005

Thanks. Has anyone got a step by step guide to replacing case fans?
The PC is Athlon 2500+ with 512mb of RAM - I don't suppose that's high performance these days (!)

  Psiman 16:35 21 Nov 2005

I have the same PC as you with exactly the same problem, but I won't fix it until it starts moaning continually. You definately need this fan as its 110mm (double check!)high capacity exhast fan and is the ony way to remove the heat from your CPU, graphics card etc. from the case, otherwise all heat will be routed through your PSU; not desirable.

To remove the fan undo the 4 screws on the back of the case to release the fan. Trace back the power lead to the molex 4 pin adaptor. Make sure any new fan you buy has the same 4 pin adaptor as its 12v.

You sound as if you may be uncomfortable with the insides of a PC. If so I wouldn't hesitate to call out MESH. You have paid for it! Good luck

  WhiteTruckMan 16:49 21 Nov 2005

I agree with psiman. what I suggested was for the sake of convenience. what I should also have asked was if you were really sure it was a case fan and not a psu fan.


  Psiman 16:50 21 Nov 2005

My apologies BH fan size is a standard 120mm not 110 which is non-standard typically available from click here Again double check before you buy.

  Bucket Head 16:52 21 Nov 2005

Thanks PSI man. I've had this problem before with MESH. When the PC was 3 months old they insisted on a RTB so I doubt they will come out to replace now.

Anyway I think I want a better quality fan that will last more than a year. Ive e-mailed them asking what the deal on upgrading the fan would be (if they do it). Something a bit quieter wld be nice too.

When I was poking around inside the case, I was bricking myself!

  wee eddie 16:57 21 Nov 2005

Before you start blowing off, and possibly getting egg on your face.

Have you cleaned the fans and filters yet?

  Bucket Head 17:08 21 Nov 2005

I openned the case, cleaned the CPU fan and the case fan with a small paint brush, used a small hand held vacuum cleaner/blower to get the dust out from everywhere I cld reach(cant get at the PSU fan really). Then I started the PC and stopped each fan with the pointed end of the plastic paint brush for a second. When I did it to the case fan the noise stopped. I switched off, let the PC cool down and tried again on the case fan with the same result (and again after re-cleaning,vacuuming and tightening the screws). The noise stops if I stop the case fan or if I wait for 30 seconds after start up. (sorry to be long-winded)

  Psiman 17:08 21 Nov 2005

If its a quiet fan you want, don't follow my earlier link; they run at about 40dBA (not quiet). 20dBA or less would be nice.
Good suggestion wee eddie, but no filters on this fan, just an internal and external grill. Bucket Head could easily make an external inspection, however. But I'm sure its a dry bearing as with my PC. As soon as the bearing warms up after about 30 secs, the noise goes.

  wee eddie 18:08 21 Nov 2005

Is your 3 year warranty of the "Return to Base" variety.

Mesh should be willing to replace the fan if it is failing. However the cost to you is likely to far exceed the cost of doing the job yourself.

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