case fan

  khaiiia 13:18 04 Jul 2003

I bought a case fan and connected to the computers 3 pin connector. Its working fine and everything but i was a bit confused as to which way the fan suppose to be facing. (theres no manual)

Should the air be blowing out of the case or should it be blowing inside?

if you have mounted the fan at the front of the case then it should pull air into the case, if it is mounted at the rear under the power supply then it should pull air out of the case. if it is your only supplementary case fan then i suggest placing it at the rear forcing air out which by the laws of nature will increase the amount of air drawn in at the front.

  boot-it-out 21:13 04 Jul 2003

Check around the edge of the black plastic housing and you should find a couple of arrows which indicate the direction of rotation of the fan, and the air flow direction when it's running to help you make sure you don't it the wrong way round and have it blowing instead of sucking and vice-versa :-)

  mrdsgs 22:22 04 Jul 2003

as a general rule of thumb with case fans, the direction of airflow is from the blank side to the side with the manufacturers label in the centre.

an easy way to tell is to plug it in and hold a piece of paper in front to see if it is blown or sucked before you start attaching it to the case


  caast ©? 22:29 04 Jul 2003

mrdsgs is right
however I would suggest that you have two fans one pulling in and another pushing out. I have a number of fans in my fulltower and dont have any problems with heat, I just have the one fan pushing out.

  wee eddie 23:08 04 Jul 2003

If you have enough suck and suitably placed holes, you will create quite sufficient gale inside.

So you don't, well may not, have to buy more fans, but time spent on airflow control will definitely pay dividends.

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