Case fan

  sschsu 18:15 05 Jun 2004

My PC case is quite warm near the power supply unit when touched by hand. I am think of getting a case fan.

Can anyone tell me will this help to cool it down and where to place the fan?


  johnnyrocker 18:36 05 Jun 2004

what condition is the psu fan?


  sschsu 18:44 05 Jun 2004

The psu fan working because is moving. Can't tell what the condition is.

  Djohn 18:47 05 Jun 2004

Yes, a high mounted rear fan will ease the heat load on the PSU fan. At the moment all hot air is rising to the top of your case and being dispelled through the PSU fan.

Install an extractor case fan and this will remove most of this hot air leaving the PSU fan to deal mainly with it's own heat output only.

  Totally-braindead 18:49 05 Jun 2004

If you have one fan you place it at the back extracting air from thw case to the outside. If you fit 2 the front one sucks air in and the back one extracts, best results from 2 fans are where you get the fans to work diagonally eg front one sucking in at bottom of case rear one blowing out at top of the case. This is mainly due to increasing the air flow over the components, hence one fan low and the other one high.

  sschsu 18:16 06 Jun 2004

Thanks. Any suggestion on what case fan to buy and where to mount these fans.
I don't see any opening at the front and back of my PC to mount these fans.

  Charence 18:39 06 Jun 2004

I recommend Coolermaster. buy from click here or click here

At the back of PC there are normally many small square holes. There will be a few which are rectangular, this is where you will fit the fan. You can mount by just using screws. However, to reduce viration click here


  hugh-265156 18:49 06 Jun 2004

some off the shelf computers rely soley on the psu for cooling and have no spaces in the case to fit extra fans.mine did :-(

my case was very small aswell and it got very hot at around 50C for the case and 60C ish for psu but was never unstable.

i purchased a larger case for £45 and transfered everything over into it,added two fans(one in one out) and my temps are now averaging 25-30C for the case and 35-50C for the cpu.

too many fans may not help at all though.have a read click here :-)

  sschsu 19:11 06 Jun 2004

Will add a case fan as suggested.

Thanks everyone.

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