case / enclosure

  Ozy 13:58 05 Aug 2008

what is the difference between a case, and an enclosure.

  MAJ 14:17 05 Aug 2008

What's the context? Usually when referring to a case one is talking about the desktop's tower, when referring to an enclosure, one is usually talking about an external hard drive's case.

  jack 14:20 05 Aug 2008

Referring to Computer equipment that is
Perhaps some items are in cases- A PC tower or desktop.
And Drives[for example]are in enclosures.
But mean the same - A neat Package instead of a bundle of bits.

Have you ever seen a PC as a 'Bundle of Bits' working?
I have at a computer fair once a punter had purchased a selection of components and had them spread out on a table in a corner and working before leaving the hall-
This what I call being sure

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:01 05 Aug 2008

If your talking about an external drive case /enclosure its the same thing.

  john bunyan 19:04 05 Aug 2008

Whereas a caddy is usually a removable case containing a hard drive that behaves as a second built in one wben in the PC.

  jack 19:37 05 Aug 2008

Case/Enclosure is as discussed- box of bits.
A Caddy is to me where the contents are removable at will.

There was/is a design of tower whereby the drives are installed in 'drawers that pull out on runners on the front of the boxand are removed/swapped or put into secure storage.
These are called caddies- and it has come also to mean a device whereby with an integral power supply and sockets - a drives can be plugged in and removed.
So an external Harddrive can be - single unit ready made to plug and go
Whereas I have two caddies and the drives are removable to swap with the other 6 bare drives I have in rack.

  Ozy 23:08 05 Aug 2008

i have a lot of files, (data pic's and music) i want to store,of my PC, in case it ever goes down.
i am an 80 years young pentioner and external drives are a bit dear,i have some spare drives,
i can get an external case for a tenner,or an
enclosure for £20, thanks FruitBat/\0/\ i think i will try a case

  Arnie 11:16 06 Aug 2008

Maybe Will Shakespeare hit the nail on the head here:

What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

  jack 11:40 06 Aug 2008

or a simple IDE/USB cable and power supply like this
click here
or a caddy like this
click here

  jack 11:42 06 Aug 2008
  Ozy 12:36 06 Aug 2008

thanks Jack "easy ide" you have reminded me i saw these in Maplins, it will do the job

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