Case cooling

  sputnick 10:57 02 Dec 2004

I have just changed my PC case and noticed that the two case fans ( one top, one side ) pull the air into the case as opposed to expelling it.
What is the best solution please.
The CPU seems to be running at around 38` C

  stuntmaster 11:24 02 Dec 2004

woa mate thats good, 38' c? mines 50! AND with 4 80'mm Fans with the side panel open!, lol what u need is the side and top pull air in, the front ones pull air in as well (to cool HDD's), rear ones expel air out of the case. so i think your doing ok for your pc as mines a hot house, i gotta find water cooling as i over lcocke everythin...


p.S hope it helps, also your HDD may also have a temp probe click here thers a free version, if it doesnt come up with an install window then your HDD doesnt have one, if it does then wayhay go fot it, its useful cos it effectively tells the temp in that area as well.

  Jeffers22 11:33 02 Dec 2004

CPU temperature and case temperature are different animals and each needs to be taken care of. As stuntmaster says, 38 for the CPU is very good and nothing to worry about there.

Case fans: Ideally two fans opposite each other, one pulling cool air in (with a filter) and the other pulling the hot air out. Your mobo may have a probe for case temp, if so see what it says. I wouldn't worry unless it is over 40 to 50 degreees. Round IDE cables do not restrict air flow as much as the ribbon cables, and lead to a cooler case temp.

As hot air rises.. so you would just be pushing cold air again hot air and not going anywhere.. Plus if the hot air it trapped the cooler air at the bottom wont be sucked up as much..

  Tog_ 11:48 02 Dec 2004

Most logical sounding guide I have found for cooling is on the AMD site, it recommends expelling air from the case as air forced into the case can disrupt the flow generated by heatsink fans. General rule was in at the bottom, blow out at the top.

  goonerbill © ® 12:19 02 Dec 2004

read an article that says that you should have the same number of fans drawing air in as drawing air out. so if you have four fans in your pc 2 fans in 2 fans out.

i have 2 fans drawing cold air in ( lucky enough they are at the same height as an outside vent ) at the back. side fan drawing out from graphics card and front fan drawing out.

system temp 26c, cpu temp is 33c and hdd 39c ( thats the next cooling job). also if you dont have one already, a quality h/s fan will reduce the cpu temp a bit more.

  Noelg23 13:16 02 Dec 2004

well i have 5 fans, 1 intake and 4 outtake but I may change that altho my CPU temp has not gone over 48 degrees and the system temp has not gone over 45 degrees so not bad for an AMD Athlon XP 2500 overclocked to 3200. so I will chop and change the fans, also the PC needs a real good clean out...the last time I cleaned it was back in it would be rather dusty by now...

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