CAS Latency

  kay10 09:00 30 Jan 2004

After upping my ram from 64 to 96, I got a message at boot-up "suggested sdram CAS latency is "2" Assuming this to be correct, how do I set this value?
AMD K6-2 @400 WinME

  JerryJay 09:29 30 Jan 2004

This can be done in bios. Press Del when the computer start up to get into bios. But (1) DONOT do this unless you know what you are doing, read your computer's manual. (2) Some motherboard maynot have the capability to change memory's CAS. (3) If you cannot change CAS latency from Bios, the momory maynot be good enough. Get one stick which is compitable with your motherboard. If you buy from Crucil click here, you can chose one from their website which is compitable with your motherboard, read manual to find out info about your motherbboard.

  temp003 09:33 30 Jan 2004

You can probably let it be, but if you want to change it, you need to go into BIOS. When computer starts, there should be a message at the bottom saying press [a key] to go into BIOS settings, or BIOS setup, that sort of thing. Press that key (could be Delete, F1, F10 or other keys) and you'll go into BIOS setup.

Then you just have to navigate to find the option in relation to memory or RAM CAS latency, if it's available. Not sure which tab it's under, but try Advanced chipset features.

Don't mess about with the other settings. After making the changes, save setting and exit. Computer will restart. If you think you may have changed something in BIOS inadvertently, just exit BIOS setup without saving changes.

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