'Cartridge not recognised' but different

  jack 19:54 25 Feb 2010

We are familiar with this warning when a 'Compatable' is used, and various remedies abound.
But this is a new one.
One of my flock is using compats in his Epson 364
And they have worked- after applying one or another of the usual remedies.
This time however every thing is buzzing along- pages are churning out- When suddenly up pops the dreaded massge
He has so far tried- taking the offending item out and reinserting,turning the machine off- wait - restart.
I have suggested he takes a look at SSClg- I dont know if anything is there but worth a try

Any other suggestions please.

  MAT ALAN 20:18 25 Feb 2010

cart could be empty or your printer is reporting the wrong ink level, this will throw up the error message...
I asume they are chipped, could be a bad connection when cart is clipped in...

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