Carriage Returns When Posting

  jaraba 13:03 23 Jun 2011

Can any tell me why carriage returns do not work when posting. Carriage return used here.

  lotvic 13:53 23 Jun 2011

Press it twice

you have to have a blank line inbetween

You can't do short lines by pressing once, it doesn't work on here. If you just keep typing and it will flow onto the next line like this has.

  Ian in Northampton 14:59 23 Jun 2011

Personally, I'm not loving the 'smart formatting' the new web site tries to do to you...

  jaraba 15:12 23 Jun 2011


Don't like having to put a blank line in everytime.

Thought I was doing something wrong.

Maybe the FE can tell us why.

  robin_x 20:08 23 Jun 2011

Nor can you put multiple spaces or hyphens. Annoying.

  wee eddie 22:35 23 Jun 2011

It was like that before. There's no change.

2 Carriage Returns does the Business

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