card reader wont work

  ugy101 19:01 24 Sep 2004


i have just purchased a card reader for my mmc card. i insert the card reader and the mmc card in it and when i try to open the folders, my pc crashes, i think it might be a setting on my pc, but i dont know what


  spuds 19:59 24 Sep 2004

If your card reader is PNY manufacture, what USB supply are you using. I had similar problem and this was solved via PNY help support, by installing self-powered USB hub.

  ugy101 20:02 24 Sep 2004

no it is just a normal card reader from my local pc shop,

  jack 20:15 24 Sep 2004

did this card reader have software to install?
If your system is 98se/me/2000/XP and you did install any software then take it out.
The System will recoginse the card reader on its own.
Some card software[such as that with my six in one] is decidedly cranky.

  Gongoozler 20:20 24 Sep 2004

Hi ugy101. If your computer crashes when you try to access the files on the card, then I think the suggestion by spuds could well be the right one. You don't tell us anything about your computer, but some motherboard chipsets are not very good at supplying USB power. A cheaper alternative to a powered USB hub could be a PCI USB card.

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