card reader and usb

  dwhiteley 18:08 21 Sep 2008

hi on my mother board i have one slot with pins what are conect my frount usb slots well the problem is i got a new dvd player but has card reader and usb i have pluged it in the dvd works ok but how do i connect the leads for every thing else to work thanks

  kindly 18:17 21 Sep 2008

It might be just as good getting a powered usb hub. That can be pluged into the single usb port then you will have three or four ports depending on what you buy. I say powered because these usually cause less bother having their own power supply.
You could always buy a card to fit into the PC on the rear into the pci slots i think they plug into.
Hope that helps you.

  dwhiteley 18:22 21 Sep 2008

what the problems is i only 1 usb header on the motherboard but i need two

  kindly 18:29 21 Sep 2008

This is where the usb hub come in. It is like having an extension cable. You plug one end into the port on the computer and the mother end has three or four ports. They all work individually.
Just make sure it is a powered hub because if you use three or four things together on it the mother board might not supply enough power.
Just lookm on a web site, lets say PC world and look for a usb hub then you will see what i meen

  dwhiteley 18:42 21 Sep 2008

what it is the internal usb header as been took up by the frount usb slots now i got a dvd with built in card reader i can not plug the cable in

  kindly 18:47 21 Sep 2008

Ok, I see what you mean now. Thats easy to sort out.
1..unplug the front slots and plug in the dvd card reader into its place.
2...get a usb card and plug it in the pci slots. Then you will have slots at the back where you can connect the usb hub if you want to. If you dont mind reaching round the back of computer then you dont need to get one cos you will have they ports on the card which usually has two on it. Just leave the front ones unpluged. I dont know if you can get a split cable to put onto the mother board then plug both into that. Try a google search.
Hope this is better help for you.

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