Card Reader Problem

  Shas 11:09 23 Mar 2004

I have a Jenoptik Jenreader CompactFlash card reader. It works fine with my computer at home (Windows ME) but not with my pc at work (98SE upgraded from ordinary 98, 256MB, 6GB HD, 5 yrs old).

When I plug it in Windows recognises new hardware, (although there is no green light on the reader?), searches for drivers and finds none. Jenoptik's site only had drivers for the 4-in-1 reader but I downloaded them anyway - no good. Downloaded other compatible drivers from the web - no good. Device manager shows: Other Devices - Mass Storage, with a big yellow ? with a yellow ! on top of it. Properties box says: Drivers not installed (Code 28). (Google search shows this error code as related to Windows 2000, no mention of 98). Clicking Reinstall Drivers gives same result - can't find them.

Have tried plugging into both USB ports, makes no difference - both ports work because my b/b modem works in both. I inherited the card reader from a relative so don't know anything else about it. Do card readers only work with USB2 ports or shouldn't that make any difference?

Other threads covering same problem all seem to deal with different cards or OS so I'm stumped. I would really rather use a card reader so the camera doesn't have to be floating around on the desk more than necessary, (as it's mine and not the firm's!), but don't want to fork out for a new one if it's my set up that can't cope. Can anyone help, please!

  Bagsey 11:23 23 Mar 2004

>Do card readers only work with USB2 ports or shouldn't that make any difference? <
No it should work on usb1.
You may find that it needs some drivers, I have a gut feeling about this as I'm not sure of the win 98 connection.Perhaps others more knowledgable could clarify the situation.

  Gongoozler 11:39 23 Mar 2004

I am using a 6in1 card reader from 7dayshop, I think in fact it is this one click here. In Windows 98se it definitely needs a driver. It also works much better with the ASPI files updated at least to version 4.6.

  Shas 11:48 23 Mar 2004

Hello Bagsey,
Yes, I thought it needed drivers but where do I get them from? All the ones I've downloaded have not been found by Windows. Jenoptik's site is not very helpful - it only offers the drivers for the 4-in-one reader, (I have the single one) - so I tried them but still no good.

  Shas 11:55 23 Mar 2004

Thanks Gongoozler - I'll check out your link. This is where you'll realise I am the sort of person they write the Dummy books for - what are ASPI files?

  Gongoozler 11:57 23 Mar 2004

There is a Win98 driver at this site for the Jenreader (not 4in1), have you tried it? click here

  Gongoozler 12:01 23 Mar 2004

Or this one may do the job click here(G).exe, it is linked from this site click here, and recommended from this one click here

  Shas 12:03 23 Mar 2004

Yes, Gongoozler, tried them both. Neither found by Windows.

  Gongoozler 12:03 23 Mar 2004

That first link got broken, this is it with spaces added either side of the // to prevent it being converted to a "Click here", or you can get there from the second link

http: // click here(G).exe

  Gongoozler 12:05 23 Mar 2004

You have to install the drivers before you plug the card reader into the usb port.

If all else fails, see if there is a marking on the case to indicate the original manufacturer of the unit. It is quite likely not made by Jenoptic.

  Shas 12:37 23 Mar 2004

Thanks Gongoozler, I'll try all your suggestions and post a message tomorrow saying how it went. :0)

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