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Card Reader not auto anymore on W7 Desktop & LaptopW7

  platters 12:30 24 May 2015

My photo card reader will not open up anymore on auto either on my Desktop and Laptop both with W7. Both used to work fine. I thought it was my old card reader going u/s so bought a Belkin but have the same problem. I can access the photos through DCIM but that's a pain to go that route. I tried the Auto Select but what ever I tried did not work so I reset back to default. I always used Windows to open the pics from the card and downloaded to My Pictures. It just seems that Windows will not recognise any card reader anymore. I changed the anti virus from Kaspersky to Bitdefender and that done nothing. Any help will be great.

  platters 11:18 25 May 2015

Hi rdave13.Thanks for replying. Tried what you suggested but it did not work. At a loss now what to do next. It just ignored the card reader and took me to DCIM again. Just strange that it's both my desktop and laptop suffering from the same condition. I'm wondering if it's a update from Microsoft that's causing the problem?.

  hssutton 16:36 25 May 2015

"At a loss now what to do next. It just ignored the card reader and took me to DCIM again."

As DCIM is on your memory card the reader obviously was not ignored

If Auto Play does not work how did you get to DCIM? Normally to get to DCIM when inserting a card you would have "Open folder to view files using Windows Exe. selected. As I have several programs that I may use to view my photos, I have "Take No Action" selected, this brings a up a panel showing all the programs that can edit photos. I then select the program I require. However if specific program is unable to edit photos it will not be listed.

Windows and My Pictures cannot edit photos, so obviously they will not be listed. If you download Microsoft Photo Gallery this would solve your problem

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