Card Reader Help.

  slimbo51 14:05 18 May 2006

I've just bought a Nebula TV Card and want to know if SmartCard And SmartMedia are one and the same thing.

I would like to add Top Up TV to the system, using a USB Reader.

I know Nebula do one but they have none in stock.

  Gongoozler 14:25 18 May 2006

These pictures suggest that SmartCard And SmartMedia are very different click here and click here

  rodriguez 14:31 18 May 2006

SmartMedia is a small memory card used in digital cameras, but is not used much now. The Smartcards that the Nebula uses are actually Top-Up TV decoder cards that are about the size of a credit card (or at least the Sky cards are) and the Smartcard reader that the Nebula uses will only accept Top-Up TV cards. click here for details about the card reader.

  slimbo51 16:10 18 May 2006

Many Thanks, Question Answered.

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