Car web cams any personal views out there?

  compumac 16:06 09 Apr 2018

In the past few weeks there have been several accidents on one of the main roads near where I live, and I am considering the purchase of a car cam. My question is whether to buy a quality front facing car cam or a unit that incorporates front and rear views.

I am looking at the NextBase 612GW and/or the NextBase Duo.

Any views on this?

  Ventad 20:06 09 Apr 2018

I purchased a 312 GW due to living near Channel port, with European lorries and cars traversing their first roundabouts left hand with accidents daily plus lorries not stopping on the roundabout on their way back to the docks and local boy and girl racers trying to beat the lorries to the next exit on a roundabout with 5 entry and exit points. This 312GW gives good pictures with gps and it’s own Wi-Fi .

The duo only has a max resolution of 720p against 312GW’s full 1080p High Definition recording at 30fps some have said it would be better purchasing two singles as opposed to the duo. I realise the 612 with 4K ultra HD is far better than the 312 if you only decide on a single as opposed to a duo .

  compumac 20:30 09 Apr 2018


The latest Duo now has 1080p HD.

  Ventad 20:51 09 Apr 2018


Sorry did not realise they updated should of checked on any updates before writing. I had looked at it before purchasing 312.

  compumac 20:58 09 Apr 2018


I have also had it said that two units are better option than having the Duo, but I am tempted to purchase the Duo and if the video image is not up to expectations the vendor has indicated that I could exchange it with the 612GW within a few days.

There was a video on the web displaying using a Dou i.e. back and front images at the same time on playback and it looked quite effective.

The 612GW images are superb.

  Forum Editor 22:58 09 Apr 2018

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  Menzie 01:05 10 Apr 2018

I have a front and rear camera in my vehicle from a company called Momento.

It records at 1080p and during the day is quite good but it does find headlights at night to be a challenge.

One thing to note when you get one installed is to ensure the date and time are correct on it. If the time and date are incorrect and anything should happen the footage might be rejected by the courts or police.

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