Car Stereo

  alexgray104 18:46 22 May 2006

I know this isn't PC related - but I thought one of you clever guys or girls might know. :p anyways, I have an old Toyota Radio/Tape that I plan to fit into a Peugeot 205, trouble is, will the Toyota radio be compatible with Peugeots or is it coded or something to make it only work in Toyotas?? Thoughts appreciated,

  amonra 18:55 22 May 2006

As long as the physical layout of the plugs and sockets on the rear of the radio match the car, then there shouldn't be a problem. You may have problems with the "code" to operate the radio after switching on but solutions to that can be found on Google/Toyota-forums.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:56 22 May 2006

but I thought there was a standard regarding connections, as there is for aperture size. It may be coded but this will only be the security code you need to enter if the unit has been disconnected.

  alexgray104 18:58 22 May 2006

cheers guys! I fill fit it anyway and if it doesn't blow up I'm happy!

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