Car Radio DAB(+) not working properly

  Amy K 12:22 18 Jul 2018


recently I bought a 1-year old e-Golf with a post-installed Radio DAB (maybe DAB+?!). I am having a loooot of interruptions during listening; it drops out every few minutes for several seconds. Also, it takes about 30 seconds to switch to another station. When I called the car dealership (from whom I bought the car), they say I should update the Radio DAB. Since the car did not come with the Radio DAB (it was installed later in the car), there are no instructions on how to update the Radio DAB. I am concerned if this was installed correctly at all from the start, is it necessary to update it from time-to-time, or is the car dealership just neglecting my complaints and trying to get me of their back by saying "it needs and update". I would appreciate very much any information you have on this or experience exchange.

Thank you in advance.

Brgs Amy

  Aitchbee 12:35 18 Jul 2018

It might just be an aerial problem. Has your car got one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:44 18 Jul 2018

also sounds like a fob off from the dealership as they sold you the car with that particular radio fitted.

Cars are often shipped round the country well away from where they were original sold to the dealship.

A simple retune of the radio may solve your problem. What make of radio?

  Amy K 13:01 18 Jul 2018

Thank you both for your quick answers.

@ Aitchbee: There is a wire in the upper right corner of the windshield of the car. I assume that is antenna for DAB.

@ Fruit Bat: The car was imported from Germany to Norway. The DAB was installed here in Norway. I am still waiting for the car dealership to tell me more on which DAB they installed, but they are not being much cooperative. You say tuning the radio might solve the problem. If you could please provide some instructions on how to do that, I would appreciate a lot.

Brief description of the DAB setup/appearance: - On the digital screen inside the car, there is a button for radio, media, settings etc. To use DAB, I need to go to Media and choose USB as a source. Then I am “inside” DAB and able to see a list of channels that are there. Besides that, I do not see any other possibilities to “play around” with DAB, such as: delete stations I do not want to have in the list, reorder the list, select favorites, etc… Seems like a very simple, poor setup. Also, whenever I start the car and DAB turns on, it always streams the first station on the list, even though I was listening to another one before leaving the car last time.

  wee eddie 13:18 18 Jul 2018

Google is your friend

  Amy K 14:09 18 Jul 2018

@ wee eddie: I wish google was more helpful, then I wouldn’t have to post my problem here. Since DAB was installed later in the car, it is not available through a common Radio click on the screen. If it was, it would be simple. My case is a bit different, and I would really like to hear other users’ experiences and advices. After all - that is what techADVISOR forum is for, right? ;)

  wee eddie 14:30 18 Jul 2018

In which case you need to give us the Model Number of the Radio

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:34 18 Jul 2018
  Amy K 08:33 19 Jul 2018

I finally got the DAB radio model number from the car dealership, and was able to reconfigure it. The signal drop-offs are now solved, it works perfectly stable. The only problem that still exists is the long time necessary to switch between the station (ca. 30 sec). I called the company that sells these brand of DAB radio. They suggested that I come over and they will see if they can do something about it. Let’s hope they can, but even if not – at least the bigger issue is solved.

  wee eddie 09:47 19 Jul 2018

Well done

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:38 19 Jul 2018

Thanks for the feed back glad you're sorted.

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