capturing video problem

  DMAN 12:15 23 Apr 2006


I'm new to video editing and am having problems with capturing the video. I'm using pinnacle studio 9 SE version.

When I capture the video it comes through all pixalated and unclear. I don't know why this is. I tried buring it to dvd to see what it comes out like but it is the same. I'm caputring video by USB as it is only means. My pc is Athlon xp 3000, 120 GB HD, Windows XP, 512MB RAM.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  wobblymike 15:07 23 Apr 2006


I do a lot of video capture but when I started I had all sorts of problems with Pinnacle 9 to the extent that I binned it. I now use Video Impression 2 from Arcsoft which is great.

I see you are using USB which presumably means you are capturing from a digital camcorder direct to the hard drive. Is that so?

  pj123 15:17 23 Apr 2006

I have the Dazzle Fusion USB capture device which came with Pinnacle Studio 8. Found the sound sync was out by about 2 seconds. Tried Studio 9 but got the same as you. Went back to Studio 8 and on advice from Pinnacle updated it to 8.12. Video is good but sound sync still around a second out. Am now using Sonic MyDVD with no problems so far. My version is 5.3 but now looking at version 8. Can be downloaded for £28.24.

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  Bagsey 17:17 23 Apr 2006

I am using Pinnacle 9SE and have no problems at all with it.That is not to say that there are no weaknesses but it is no worse than any other program. I capture at full Quality capture setting are you doing the same? Isusspect not, or are you using the Preview quality setting.??? Have a look at this forum for a lot of help.
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  Bagsey 17:30 23 Apr 2006

I meant to ask what camera you are using. I doubt you will have much luck with using USB to capture as Pinnacle is geared up to Firewire (1394)port input for digital capture. If you havent got that on your computer a firewire card wont break the bank. About £10 or £15.I think.

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