Capturing Desk Top Picture.

  kev.Ifty 23:57 27 Nov 2004


Please tell me how YOU capture an image and then publish it so that I am able to 'click' a link and view that image on my Computer.

I use Irfanview to capture an image. Then save that image to MY PICS. Then I use ZippyImages click here By clicking the 'browse' button and finding the folder in which i have the appropriate picture saved, I can then publish any picture or image to the Web for Anybody to view.

What is your method?


  hugh-265156 00:31 28 Nov 2004

i use irfanview too as its handy if i only want to capture a foreground window etc but sometimes i just use 'print screen' button.

i usually run them through paint shop pros jpeg optomizer to reduce the file size a wee bit and upload it to my free webspace.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 00:32 28 Nov 2004

Print screen, paste as new image to Jasc PSP, export as compressed JPEG and upload to click here

  boyron 00:34 28 Nov 2004

Thats exactly the way I do it!
Isn't Irfanview a great program...and its free.

  kev.Ifty 00:56 28 Nov 2004


But lets imagine I know nothing.(which ain't difficult) huggyg71 Say's "I just use 'print screen' button." what button is that then?

For the many People that may want to learn a new technique... Tell us how.

  boyron 01:16 28 Nov 2004

Pressing the print screen button on your keyboard puts the screenshot onto the clipboard.You can then paste it into irfanview or whatever image program you use.It is in bmp format which you can change to jpg if you wish.You can then save it to my pics or wherever.

  hugh-265156 02:25 28 Nov 2004


on my keyboard it says 'PrtSc/SysRq'

third from top row/right click here

  Pesala 08:05 28 Nov 2004

I also use Print Screen, then paste to Irfan View. If you want to capture just a dialogue box, use Alter Print Screen.

A PNG image is often smaller for screenshots because dialogue boxes and most program interfaces have only a few colours. PNG is even sharper than the highest quality JPG. However, if the screenshot includes a photo, it is better to use JPG click here as PNG will be too big.

I upload to my webspace: click here using FTP Commander then check the image using a shortcut from my home-made homepage and copy the URL for pasting here.

  Spanglish 15:34 29 Nov 2004

In your case ( as with me ) you need to press 'Crtl and 'PrtSc/SysRq'at the same time.

  john-232317 20:36 30 Nov 2004

Thanks for the info guys, that will be handy.

By the way my key is Impr/PetSis " Spanish keyboard " ;-))

  bertiecharlie 21:25 30 Nov 2004

If you just want to capture a particular window on your screen, place your mouse pointer in the window and press Ctrl/PrintScreen/Alt. (You probably all knew that anyway!)

HandSnap is good. Its a beta but very stable and its free click here

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