Capturing Analogue Video

  BADGERSEND 09:47 13 Nov 2004

I have many hours of VHS video sitting in the loft and I wish to transfer some of it to DVD's after proccessing it into Dv movie.

Is there anyone out there who has done this successfully and who could advise me as to what is the best equipment for the job, including details of the capture device and software used. I believe that I need to use some thing which gives me the highest resolution, i.e. abover 750 X 565. Is it worth the effort and the expense. £170 is the amount available for purchasing.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


  stylehurst 10:48 13 Nov 2004

I have used the Adaptec Videoh USB add on box with complete sucess. The package comes with Sonic MyDVD version 5. It is worth paying the extra to upgrade to version 6 once you have got the initial set up running.
The Adaptec set up cost about £100, have a look at the Novatech site.
It is worthwhile putting in a second HDD purely to store the captured video until you have burnt it to DVD. Capturing at best quality will mean you use about 3Gb per hour of VHS tape.
Also increase your Ram to about 1Gb if possible.

  SEASHANTY 11:49 13 Nov 2004

Just type <vhs to dvd> in the search box on the left hand side of this page. It will bring up 18
previous threads.

  BillEmm 11:57 13 Nov 2004

A good place to start, maybe

click here


  €dstowe 12:40 13 Nov 2004

I have had success with a NorthQ converter from Scan click here

It comes with WinDVD Creator 2.

As it renders straight into MPEG in real time, it is much quicker than a lot of other systems e.g. Pinnacle which renders into AVI then converts at a later stage into the DVD MPEG format. This is very time consuming and can take seven or more hours to complete.

Very pleased with it.

  €dstowe 12:40 13 Nov 2004

Note as well that it uses very much less hard disk space for processing.

  pj123 12:46 13 Nov 2004

There are loads of threads on this subject. Just type vhs to dvd in the search box on the left of this page (not the one at the top)

Too many to post all the links but you might like to read this one and the links within as a starter.

click here

  pj123 12:49 13 Nov 2004

Sorry that link doesn't appear to do much. Try this one:

click here

  BillEmm 16:08 13 Nov 2004

If you haven't already looked at the site I suggested then this may be more appropriate as a starter.

click here

I should have included it in my previous post.


  jbaker65 17:51 13 Nov 2004

I use an AverMedia DVD EZmaker Gold pci card along with the program neodvd5. This has worked great for me and can be bought on line for about £45

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