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  rdh660 14:26 21 Nov 2003

I am an enthusiastic novice and I am hoping to turn some of my old vhs videos into DVD format so that they can be played back on a standalone DVD player and shown on a TV.
It appears that only the more expensive capture devices and cards provide the higher resolutions of capture to enable quality full size playback on TV. and a number of products seem to offer what I am looking for but .... is a USB2 external solution or an internal PCI capture card likely to produce better results?.

I am not a gamer and so have only modest graphics provision but I notice that some graphics cards provide Video in and Video out facilities. however the specifications of these do not seem to provide details of the possible capture resolutions. Can a graphics card such as a Radeon 9200 VIVO capture picture and sound from a VHS source as efficiently as a dedicated capture device or tuner card whilst at the same time upgrading my graphics card ?

yours hopefully Rob

  hugh-265156 15:14 21 Nov 2003

should be fine

9200 cards should something similar in spec to the 9000 click here

purchase some good quality leads,belkin/ixos etc.

  rdh660 16:04 21 Nov 2003

Thanks Huggyg71

Will a graphics card be as efficient at capturing video as a dedicated capture card if it can capture at the same resolutions ?
Also Will the graphics card also capture the sound as a dedicated capture device can or will I have to do that separately?
regards Rob

  hugh-265156 16:24 21 Nov 2003

i think an all in one card should be adaquate for most peoples it will play your games etc.

a dedicated card may give better results and will do the audio also but it will maybe cost the same as the all in one card or a lot more.

plus as you wanted to upgrade the graphics card will also need to buy one of these too.could be costly.

if you already have a soundcard with line inputs,i think the all in wonder will do fine.

  rdh660 16:28 21 Nov 2003

Thanks again huggyg71


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