Capture an NTSCand Burn to DVD

  PTB007 10:53 22 Mar 2004

I have an old VHS Box set (NTSC format) which I want to capture on my laptop and burn to DVD to preserve it for future viewing.

At present I use my video to feed into my camcorder and capture from my camcorder. This works fine for UK VHS and my own recordings made via my camcorder.

I can get the 5 tapes copied onto DVD for £25 each but wonder if anybody else can come up with another suggestion.

  MichelleC 12:33 22 Mar 2004

If your camcord can't read ntsc you can't capture. If it can you'll have to re-render to PAL (takes about twice as long to render 1 format to another even if avi).

  PTB007 12:49 22 Mar 2004


My camcorder can playback NTSC cassettes but cannot receive an NTSC signal, is that what you mean by "can't read NTSC"?

  MichelleC 13:25 22 Mar 2004

Yes. The only other way is to get a 'capture card' which can read ntsc and pal, but even if vcr can playback ntsc too I'm not sure if vcr can transfer ntsc signal to capture card.

  pj123 14:15 22 Mar 2004

You could try this place click here but whether they will accept "copyright" material I don't know. They charge £10 each.

  PTB007 17:02 22 Mar 2004

Thanks pj123, I'll give that a go.

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