Capture cards help please! .

  JayCloth 20:41 07 Dec 2016

Hi. My name is Jay and I am inconceivably pissed off. The Elgato I have, has a 2 ish second delay and it is annoying but not the problem. As an alternative I have bought 2 internal capture cards that are the same. All drivers installed etc etc. The only problem is that only one of them works. Well i either get a fine feed in one and a pink tinted feed in the other or I get a pink feed in one and none in the other or I get no feed at all.

This is also a big problem and I am not here to ask if it is possible because I know it is as on one occasion it actually worked however I am here to ask for a way to make it work again and also help with gaining knowledge as to why this is/might be happening. (I should also point out that it is not a problem with either of the capture cards themselves or the PcIe slot as they both work separately in each slot). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks. Inconceivably pissed off teen just trying to film the school shows!

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