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  Highland Park 22:46 01 Oct 2003

I have, within the last three weeks, installed a NEC 1300 A DVD Writer with Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD Software, and would like to try and put some of my VHS vidoe`s on to DVD. The Pinnacle Studio Deluxe Version 8 has been suggested, and I wondered if anyone has any good or bad comments about it, and is there anything I should look out for before makind the all important decision.
Highland Park

  MichelleC 09:24 02 Oct 2003

Be careful as others have had probs burning with Pinnacle's dvd prog.

S8 is good (I used S7) but many ex-S8 users prefer Screenblast Movie Studio click here for a rock solid dv editor.

  Highland Park 22:14 02 Oct 2003

Many thanks for info. and the suggestion of Screenblast Movie Studio. Having had a quick look at it, would it copy from my VHS Video tapes ?.
Highland Park

  MichelleC 09:41 03 Oct 2003

This is the software; you'll still need a good capture card or the like to convert the analogue signal to dv. Canopus are one of the best and All In Wonder aren't bad (avoid Dazzle like the plague).

  Highland Park 14:16 03 Oct 2003

Once again many thanks for the info. will have a look at your suggestions and try and work something out, and take the final plunge.It is all completely new to an "Ooold Head"
Highland Park

  SEASHANTY 16:05 03 Oct 2003


  SEASHANTY 10:01 04 Oct 2003

Thanks for the e-mail telling me that you give up. The symbol "^" or any other character with no data means that a forum member has no input to give but is merely marking the thread to add to their postings for easy finding. I have marked this because of your statement problem with a Pinnacle card. Just in case I ever contemplate buying one. Kind regards.

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