capture card

  [DELETED] 08:26 28 Jul 2003

can somebody tell me what a capture card is please as i am trying to get my 8mm camcorder stuff onto either cd or to dvd i have adaptec avc2200 and will not tranfer my stuff on to h/d but now have found out i need a cature card much regards ian

  [DELETED] 10:20 28 Jul 2003

A capture card converts analogue into dv. A firewire card transfers dv from dv cam.

You gets for what you pay. The best is Canopus - least hassle and best results. The cheaper ones may give probs (DO NOT get Dazzle).

  scotty 12:17 28 Jul 2003

if you are in the market for a new camcorder, consider buying one of the Sony Digital8 cameras that can read analogue tapes. If you offset the cost of the capture card against the cost of the new camcorder, this might be a cheap way of upgrading to DV!

  [DELETED] 13:46 28 Jul 2003

would a pinnacle card be ok or happuge or what ever its called

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