Caps lock on/off am I missing some thing?

  SparkyJack 07:17 01 Jul 2014

The standard desktop keyboard has the caps lock light,which tells you its on/off

My latest aquasition a Lenovo laptop has no indication of the situation,so as I am by no means a touch typist, I can look at screen eventually to find LINES F CAPS that need deleting and retyping.

Unless of course I a missing a trick.

Going back 25 years or more I seem to recall a word processor or O/S trick where a mouse click/key press would allow Caps/lower case to change places.

Is that facility still with us? Am I missing a trick?

  hastelloy 07:54 01 Jul 2014

To not quite answer your question:

Go to All programs, Accessories,Ease of access centre,Make the keyboard easier to use, and tick Turn on Toggle Keys. You will then get a warning tone every time you hit the caps lock key.

  BRYNIT 08:01 01 Jul 2014

You also used to have a numbers lock light but these days not all desktop/laptop keyboards have these light. Even if they did not a lot of people would know what the lights are for. Light or no light I doubt you would notice it was on until you looked at the screen.

Some people disable the capital lock key as it's very really used and tends to get put on in error. A search of the web will tell you how to disable it.

  SparkyJack 08:24 01 Jul 2014

Thank you both I guess a deeper delve is required here.

As I mentioned the current machine has no indicator lights,and to make things worse my current machines are Android--as now on this tablet or Ubuntu as on the Lenovo lappie.

I do have a Win desktop not don't use it much,because its upstairs in the den,its much better in my 'captains chair with tablet and lap pie to hand.

  Ian in Northampton 09:17 01 Jul 2014

SparkyJack: I can solve your problem for you... :-) For years (being a non touch typist like you) I have used Boldfinger. It disables the caps lock key: if you really, really want to use caps lock, you have to do something like alt+caps lock or ctrl+caps lock. NO MORE ACCIDENTALLY TYPING A WHOLE PAGE IN UPPER CASE! :-)

  Peter 22:46 01 Jul 2014


If you are using Microsoft Word you can select the text you have typed and then, using the SHIFT-F3 key combination repeatedly will rotate the text through UPPER CASE, lower case and Sentence case, possibly even Title Case.


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