capital lock

  wimples 17:03 16 Jul 2004

How do you get "Cap Locks on" or Cap Locks Off" to show when using Word, I seen this yesterday for the first time and I thought it would be useful to me. The person using the computer couldn't tell me how it came about I have a new keyboard and it doesn't indicate whether the cap lock is on or off. I have set it to beep when I press the cap locks button. But I think the Cap Locks on or Cap locks off would be more useful


  ventanas 17:05 16 Jul 2004

You mean there are no lights on this keyboard, or the one for Caps Lock doesn't work?

  [DELETED] 17:49 16 Jul 2004

Logitech cordless mice have the facility to display a Caps Lock On or Caps Lock Off message on screen briefly. Other mouse drivers may also do so. I suspect that this is the case with the PC you saw yesterday as word does not have that facility as far as I am aware (up to Word XP)

  [DELETED] 17:50 16 Jul 2004

Of course I meant to say cordless keyboard!! Doh!

  THE TERMINATOR 19:39 16 Jul 2004

The caps lock key placed the 3rd key up at the very left of your key board. The are from the bottom up. Ctrl, Shift, CAPS LOCK. This will give you capitals in Ms WORD....TT

  whybe 19:58 16 Jul 2004

I think it depends on the version of Word you are using if you want CAPS to appear on the status bar. An older version I used to use did this but I notice my current version XP/2002 doesn't do this. Regarding your keyboard mine just has a capital A above the light that indicates caps lock, does yours have something similar?

  Shas 22:48 16 Jul 2004

For what help it may be, I have a regular, corded keyboard at work where a light shows if you have caps lock on, and at home I have a Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse and there is nowhere I have found that displays to tell you whether caps lock is on or not, other than typing a bit to see if you are getting capitals. If your new keyboard is one of these and you find it, let us know!

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