Capital letters that change to small letters?

  spuds 09:22 24 Feb 2012

I seem to have recently, a problem that when write a capital letter 'A' it changes automatically to 'a'. I then have to go back and replace the 'a' to 'A' or whatever letter changes.

This can be at the beginning of a sentence, or any where else in a sentence.

I use IESpell, but the problem seems to occur with all the browsers etc that I use. But it doesn't always happen!.

Any ideas as to what is going on?

  northumbria61 10:15 24 Feb 2012

Caps lock or Shift key sticking - possibly?

  spuds 17:22 24 Feb 2012


No its not that, because it can happen after I have printed other text to a line?.

It would appear to be a spell checker correction type fault?.

  lotvic 23:35 24 Feb 2012

Didn't think that IESpell did auto-corrections?

  Sea Urchin 23:44 24 Feb 2012

lotvic is correct - there is no auto correction facility in ieSpell

  spuds 08:44 25 Feb 2012

I can only agree, because it was only a theory on my part.

Whatever the case, it would appear to be something that is changing Capital text as I type. I can live with it, but it would be nice to have a solution to the problem. Everything that I have tried, hasn't offered a solution.

  lotvic 10:16 25 Feb 2012

"the problem seems to occur with all the browsers etc that I use"

What other spell checkers do you have installed? as some other browsers have their own checker and I'm thinking it may be some sort of conflict, though I don't know of any that do auto corrections. Usually just get a red line underneath misspellings.

MS Office does have auto correct if you set it up (don't know if that has anything to do with it)

  lotvic 10:17 25 Feb 2012

forgot to add.. Have you tried another keyboard?

  spuds 12:18 25 Feb 2012


I have spare keyboards, so I will give this a try.

There isn't MS Office on the computer in question (running XP). When time allows, I will have to dig deeper into the software, to see if I can pin-point anything there. I have a strange feeling that when I installed something some time ago, there was a tick box involved, that might have something to do with the fault.

I will tick this as resolved.

Thanks to those that have given their time and input on this question, much appreciated.

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