Cant't update S.AntiSpyware? Firewall blocking?

  buel 12:51 18 Apr 2010

Hi, i've just tried to update SuperAntiSpyware but it tells me that it cant update as the firewall may be blocking it, please can anyone tell me how can i check?
Thank you.

  buel 12:53 18 Apr 2010

Ps-same with Malwarebytes but AVG updates fine?

  northumbria61 13:23 18 Apr 2010

If you are using Windows Firewall click on START - CONTROL PANEL - WINDOWS FIREWALL - from left pane select "Allow a program or feature through Windows firewall" - scroll down and find the application (ie Superantispyware) - put tick in box - click OK

  buel 15:05 18 Apr 2010

Hi, i' have now done that and allowed malwarebytes and superantispyware and restarted and i still get the same message....any ideas please? The laptop is connected to the internet and connects fine!

  Halmer 16:01 18 Apr 2010

firewall have you got?

  buel 16:39 18 Apr 2010

Hi, it is just the standard Windows one! I have checked and all the relevant boxes have been ticked in the firewall settings!

  Halmer 17:52 18 Apr 2010

to see if this cures it. At least then you can rule it in or out.

  buel 18:00 18 Apr 2010

Ah, good advice!! Thank you! Ok, i have disabled it, restarted it and they still wont update! Grrr!!
Any other ideas please? Maybe a fresh install of those particular programs?

  Halmer 18:43 18 Apr 2010

and reinstall as you have suggested.

  john bunyan 18:48 18 Apr 2010

Do you get a specific error code when trying to update Malawarebytes? I had a problem a week ago, and also a spurious note in the bottom right hand corner claiming my W7 was illegal. I think it was a virus. Luckily I had a very recent ATI clone that cured it (formatting the C drive in the process) . Hope you find the answer.

  buel 19:19 18 Apr 2010

Hi, well from malwarebytes i get the message 'Update failed. Make sure you are connected to the internet and the firewall is set to allow Malwarebytes' Anti-malware to access the internet' and the same for SuperAntiSpyware (obviously with the 'Malwarebytes' replaced with SuperAntiSpyware'!
Any other ideas please?

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