cant watch movies ive downloaded

  User-6754B9DB-4B3F-4825-9A7138AD24C2BFDA 12:10 18 Nov 2003

why cant i watch a movie i have donloaded i have winows xp real copy do i need to add some soft where

  Diodorus Siculus 12:16 18 Nov 2003

What format is the movie? avi? mpeg? divX? If you know that, then do a search on google for a relevant player - many are free.

im not sure how 2 find out the format but it has tmd movies beside the line artis

  Diodorus Siculus 14:21 18 Nov 2003

OK - the movies should have a name and an extension - such as movie.avi or movie.mpeg

Can you tell us the name of the file when it is downloaded? Or at least the bit after the . (i.e. avi).

Or point us to where you are downloading from - that we someone may be able to help.

most of the files r avi some r wmv

  hugh-265156 23:29 18 Nov 2003
  Proxy Worm 07:24 19 Nov 2003

As huggyg71 said do to click here and download there movie player.

  The GnoMe 07:35 19 Nov 2003

where did you download the movies from? was it a file sharing prog by any chance? like kazaa? if it is first of all there is the copywright issue. and if it says 'tmd movies beside the line artis'
it is certainly a pirate rip of a major movie.

alot of people who use kazaa, put false file names on their files so people will upload them from them thus increasing their participation level.

many of the movie files are just blank large files that people put on to get others to upload large files from them.

not to mention they could contain a virus

be very careful

thank u for ur advice yes they r form kazza and it looks like u could be right about the blank files because i done as above and they still did not open could u give me a site that is reliable and can u tell me how to get the stuff i have downloaded of my comp thank u

  Jester2K II 08:44 19 Nov 2003

No-one here will help you download copyrighted material.

i did not know i was not allowed to do that so dose it say all the comp download free movies and music as u can tell im new to this. so can u tell me how to get the movies off my comp i have downloaded finding nemo and scary movie plz

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