Can't view video files.

  e3.bill 22:18 16 Jan 2006


I have a problem viewing video files on my computer that I took with a DV-182 3.1MP Digital Video Camera .

I have downloaded the photo and video files without a problem but when I open the folder they are in and the mouse cursor hovers over a video file, before I've had the chance to click on it to open it, a pop-up appears.
( This problem only occurs with the video files.The photo files I have removed to another folder.)

Data Execution Prevention.

To help protect your computer,Windows has closed this program.

Name: Windows Explorer

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

My operating system is 'Windows XP Home with SP2' which is fire-walled, has automatic updates for Windows and I also have Avast Antivirus with automatic updates (which hasn't detected anything).
None of the suggestions given by Microsoft seem to apply as it would not be wise to turn off D.E.P. for 'Windows Explorer'.

When I close the pop-up, another appears entitled 'Windows Explorer' which asks me to tell Microsoft about this problem by clicking on 'Send Error Report' which I do. Then Windows restarts my computer.

Exactly the same problem occurred when I copied video files from a DVD.

Video files I've downloaded from the Internet I don't have any problems with therefore it is not a problem with Windows Media Player.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the above problem but lately whenever I Left Double click on a JPEG image file it opens in Windows Media Player whereas before it always opened in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem so that I may view my video files ?

Happy New Year.


  PC Bilbo 22:42 16 Jan 2006

Which programme are you using to download and create your video in?

  woodchip 22:53 16 Jan 2006
  woodchip 22:55 16 Jan 2006

Also click here

  Biotech 23:00 16 Jan 2006

You can sort your JPEGS in Tools\folder options\file types. Reallocate them to windows pic & fax viewer. While you are ther have a look at the associations for your video file types, may see something.

  e3.bill 16:36 17 Jan 2006

Thanks all for your replies.

To PC Bilbo:

How can I find that out?

To woodchip:

I used DCCHECK and was informed Cyberlink Video?SP Decoder is not compatible with Windows Media Player 10.

I didn't understand what the 3ivx is.

To Biotech:

JPEG was set to open with Quicktime PictureViewer even though it opened in Windows Media Player.I changed it to Windows Picture and Fax Viewer but it still opens in Windows Media Player.

AVI files were set to open in Winamp. I changed that to Windows Media Player but they still open in Winamp.

There's something dodgy going on round here.



  PC Bilbo 17:05 17 Jan 2006

I meant for example are you importing the video clips from your digital camera into XP's own Movie Maker or using some other 3rd party software such as Pinnacle Studio,Roxio etc to create and save as a project?

If you do this you will be able to view the finished video project in Media Player.

Sorry if I'm teaching my grandmother etc but whwn you say you can play streamed video OK but not clips from your camera I wondered if this could be the cause.

  e3.bill 19:09 17 Jan 2006

All I've done is download AVI and JPEG files from the camera. The JPEG files are OK and can be viewed in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, but as soon as the mouse cursor hovers over an AVI file all the funny business begins ( see above ).


  Biotech 20:46 17 Jan 2006

Have you installed a programme called "Quick time alternative" only that plugs in to media player and might explain your pics appearing to show in WMP with a quicktime file extension. From your last post it seems your pics are back in picture and fax.

  Biotech 20:49 17 Jan 2006

This may be of assistance
click here

  PC Bilbo 20:57 17 Jan 2006

I believe that is your problem.

Try opening Windows Movie Maker( it's free to download from Microsoft but you should already have it as you have SP2.

Import your files directly into that and follow step by step guide on how to make your own movie(video) .Once,you have created, finalised and saved the project in a format readable by Media Player, the new file should then play in Media player and allow you to burn to CD if you wish.

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