Can't view saved jpeg files

  Graham-271166 19:46 22 Aug 2005

Recently I saved all my digital pictures which are jpeg onto a dvd-rw. These are life long family pictures.
When I now insert the dvd, all the folders are there and even the thumbnails showing Microsoft Office Picture Manager icon, yet when I double click to open them to view the thumbnail in MS picture manager all I get is a tiny red cross in a box. Every picture is the same and I feel now that I have lost the lot. I didn't change anything when I saved them so what has happened?
Any advice/help greatly appreciated.

  alB 20:18 22 Aug 2005

It could be that you have only saved the thumbnail image of your pictures onto the disc, check the size of one of them in the properties this will give you a good idea, have you deleted the original files off your PC? ...alB

  john-232317 20:20 22 Aug 2005

Have you still got the pics on the PC ? dont tell me you deleted them without checking the dvd first.

If they are still there download this free program and burn them from there onto cd`s. click here

  Graham-271166 21:31 22 Aug 2005

What happened was I had all the pictures in a folder then this contained various folders with titles on. One day my computer asked if i wanted to tidy my desktop by putting various icons and folders into another folder. I did this and all my pictures went into this folder.
I then had to reinstall XP due to a minor fault and errors. It wasn't until after i had reinstalled XP that i realised the photograph folder had gone from it's original location (F) and put into 'C'. Hey presto all photo's had gone off the computer. I will never use that option again regarding tidying up the desktop.
With regard to the size of the thumbnails they are all only 135(ish) kb so it looks like they are all gone.
Dadyassa is right, should have checked disc first

  goffer23 22:56 22 Aug 2005

I don't suppose there is a chance that it has become a hidden folder or held in the desktop's unused icon folder?

  jack 08:16 23 Aug 2005

Yuo have saved only a 'reference' to the master file location.
Certain programs do this [Word for example] if you load a picture into a document, all that happens is you load a link to thr image's true location.
When moving stuff around use the 'move' or 'cut' commands.,then it really does shift its self to the new location.

  hssutton 09:12 23 Aug 2005

First of all download picassa, it's freeware, run this prog, which will find all the images on your H/drive. click here. If the images have been deleted, use such as zero assumption, which will recover deleted images from your H/drive. click here

However be warned, it will take a very long time to scan and recover deleted images, as well as recovering numerous other images.

  john-232317 17:02 25 Aug 2005

Did you have any luck with Picasa2. or hssutton link ????

  Graham-271166 18:02 25 Aug 2005

Many thanks to all for the help. Tried the above links, got some joy regarding the zero assumption so all is not lost. The Picasa2 is a good programme, easy to see all your picture files without searching everywhere.
I'll be careful in future when it comes down to saving and transferring files.
Once again, Thanks.

  PC Bilbo 22:54 25 Aug 2005

I had similar problem couple years back in that I had switched off System Restore and due to major Windows corruption lost my data & image files before I could back up.

Ever since, I have put a separate partition on my hard drive and changed the the location of "My Documents" to that partition (still back up of course) so if I reinstall the O.S. my documents and images are still there.

  Graham-271166 20:53 28 Aug 2005

PC Bilbo

Many thanks for that. I have now in fact done this. I'm annoyed that when I was asked to tidy up my desktop icons I wasn't aware that it put them into 'C' and hence lost the files - never again

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