Can't view photos

  Yimbo 23:12 07 Feb 2010

I've a number of photos in what's called "Graphical Interchange Format", where the thumbnails are blank and only the typed title showing. Is there a way to transfer these images to another format so that I can view them?

  ame 23:56 07 Feb 2010

Can't you open these withWindows Paint? [Go to Start>Programs> Accessories>Paint.] Right click file and click "open with".

  Kevscar1 09:03 08 Feb 2010

Download Irfanview. it has a batch conversion syatem under file

  The Old Mod 09:43 08 Feb 2010

Hi, Yimbo, try changing .gif to .jpg

  jack 10:52 08 Feb 2010

Loasd the file, right click on it
Scroll down to properties
left click to open
Change the 'opens with panel' select paint or any other editor.
Also download and instal irfanview.
click here
it is free
A universal image file viewer
When the image comes up use 'Save As' and change the extender to JPG

  Yimbo 15:09 09 Feb 2010

I've tried your varous suggestions (for which I'm very grateful) - but no change! Hovering over a thumbnail gives the info "Dimensions 1 x 1 Type: Gif format, 43 bytes" I think the "dimensions" and "bytes" are far too small- so there may not really be any worthwhile image available. My other photos show dimensions of 640 x 480 and around 400KB.

Is this a lost cause?

  Woolwell 15:16 09 Feb 2010

What have you tried opening the files with?

  Technotiger 15:17 09 Feb 2010

Most likely, Yes! You appear to be describing a web-page graphic.

  jack 19:51 09 Feb 2010

Type - GIF files not opening
Many pagers of solutions offered

  birdface 20:14 09 Feb 2010

No idea if this program is any good to you but it is free until tomorrow morning.

click here

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