cant view netgroup pc.

  Focus_On 16:41 15 Dec 2003

Hi i have networked two pcs using windows xp prpo, and i usually coud view the other pc through clicking on view workgrroup computers in my network places, but today the other computer is not shown on any of the two pcs. But i can still access the files fine. Any ideas.

  madPentium 17:48 15 Dec 2003

the only thing I can think of is that they both have different workgroup names.
If you go into entire network, microsoft networks, you should see a list of the workgroups.

  Rennaissance 20:30 15 Dec 2003

thanks madpentium but no, they do have same workgroup as i can see the computer before, and sometime after it just didnt appear no more.

  madPentium 22:53 15 Dec 2003

If you follow the above, i.e. go through entire network, do you see both pcs then?

  Rennaissance 15:04 16 Dec 2003

no i only see the pc i am currently logged in as... and the other one is not there, although i can access its files.

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