cant use the "command prompt"

  atc 18:46 31 Dec 2007

when i go into run/cmd. i try to put in commands eg ping, ipconfig/all it comes up with saying the command is" not a recognized as an internal or external command". trying to set up my ps3 with my pc using wma11 but not picking it up. if used the command prompt before and it work ok

  johnnyrocker 18:52 31 Dec 2007

what os are you using as i have just opened the run box and typed in cmd with no probs, if using xp it should also be available under accessories.


  atc 18:55 31 Dec 2007

sorry it xp sp2. tried both ways i can get into it but when i try to put any commands it comes up the error saying these a not a commands.

  johnnyrocker 19:04 31 Dec 2007

what are you trying to type in the dos window? as it usually does not tell lies


  VoG II 19:04 31 Dec 2007

Does this even happen if you type the command


in a command window?

  atc 19:18 31 Dec 2007

to Vog-it comes up when i type help in.

to johnnyrocker- i am trying to ping the ip address of the ps3 because it not getting picked up by the media sever even with firewall turned of.

  johnnyrocker 19:34 31 Dec 2007

i am having no problems, as i asked before type here exactly what you are typing into the command box then you can be told what is wrong.


  VoG II 20:11 31 Dec 2007

Right click 'My Computer' and click 'Properties'.

Click the Advanced tab followed by the 'Environment Variables' button at the bottom.

In the second list box, scroll down to the 5th or 6th entry "Path", select it and click 'Edit'.

Add "%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;" (minus the quotes) to the beginning of the line. OK the changes and try out your commands now.

  atc 21:41 31 Dec 2007

thanks-now to see if i can get the ps3 to talk to pc

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