cant use all incoming broadband speed

  garerth546 15:20 19 Oct 2014

if i do a speed test i get 8.5-9.5 MBps. if i try to buffer a video online it takes up to 30 mins to buffer 1 min of video, this happens on all devices wifi or Ethernet, any browser any webpage, but is not constant only after 6 and sometimes at weekend. i just did a speed test ping 26 download 9.23 upload 1.17 now even if i try to open google the address bar comes up instantly but takes 30 seconds to 1 min to load the google logo. i have had many tests done and there are no faults or issues no drop in speed, its as if i have 9mb incoming but cant use it. i have contacted isp they have done many test and investigation but cant find any problem. i have had new filters new router all new cables ect. can anyone help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 19 Oct 2014

Some info please

Make and model of router?

ISP and package i.e. ee upto 16

  john bunyan 15:30 19 Oct 2014

Do you have an anti virus or "live" anti malware running? Some slow down page loading. I have heard of that with AVG.

  rdave13 15:39 19 Oct 2014

What PC/Laptop do you have? Is the CPU weak? It could be that the CPU is struggling to load the page.

  rdave13 15:44 19 Oct 2014

Forget last post, missed the happens on all devices.

  Woolwell 15:48 19 Oct 2014

"but is not constant only after 6 and sometimes at weekend." I know you have contacted your ISP but this may be an ISP throttling problem and unable to cope with the bandwidth required at peak times.

  garerth546 15:50 19 Oct 2014

im with sky unlimited up to 20MB download speed yes i have antivirus. it happens if i connect any computer laptop any tablet or mobile device during the problem time. its the sky white router.

  rdave13 16:03 19 Oct 2014

I'll go with Woolwell. They are throttling your speed. Suggest you contact them with your speed tests results and ask them to either honour their contract or you will go else where. If the contract has a 'fair usage policy' then you will have to let your present contract run out before you change, otherwise you could find a penalty payment for early release.

  garerth546 16:10 19 Oct 2014

i am receiving 9MB if it was due to peak times or dropping speed it would not be showing 9MB i AM receiving 9MB currently working fine no probs but 30 mins ago no use sky have no idea why this it happening even there specialist engineers have no clue

  spuds 16:48 19 Oct 2014

"but 30 mins ago no use sky have no idea why this it happening even there specialist engineers have no clue".

This doesn't just apply to Sky but many other ISP's from time to time. I had a speed and drop-out problem with TalkTalk, and it took ages to get any near perfect results, because like TT and BT engineer's stated "We know there is a problem - but its one of those problems that's very difficult to trace". Quite a lot of work was done from the exchange to my home, over a number of months.

I don't seem to be able to read anything about when this problem started. As the problem been from the start of the Sky contract or only recently.

  garerth546 17:03 19 Oct 2014

from the start ive had engineers come and test the line from the exchange they cant find anything all test come back as no issue. they say they are going to do more testing that could take months dont want to wait months for a solution.

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