Cant upload to youtube anymore, HELP PLEASE!

  Taylor-1421737 01:05 18 Feb 2010

ok I upload a lot of videos to youtube and never had any problems, until about a month ago. I tried to upload a video and noticed that nothing was happening, the progress bar was simply not filling up. i tried the bulk uploader (which i have always found to be more reliable than the normal uploader) but the progress just stays on 0%. I have tried uploading a large number of videos in a range of different formats, WMV, AVI, MP4... nothing. it has been like this for over a month now and it is really annoying me... i can still upload videos on the PC downstairs. Also, i have been experiencing other strange things over the past month, for example... sometimes when i click on a video, it will be a black screen saying there was an error, but when i refresh the page i can watch the video. When i go onto somebodys channel, and try to look at all of their videos none show up... other problems i am having are not related to youtube... quite often my browser will crash for no reason, and when i click a page, i will get an error saying the page no longer exists but when i refresh it works again. reading into this i thought maybe i had some sort of virus or malware or something, but 4 different malware and spyware scanners show nothing after multiple scans and my antivirus software shows nothing either. My download and upload speed have not changed so i dont think that is the problem... i am thankful for any help.

  Taylor-1421737 12:12 18 Feb 2010

Thank you for the ideas Marg7 but unfortunately none of them worked... i have tried 3 different browsers and get the same result with each.

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