can't uninstall xp home

  blueblue 01:23 03 Nov 2004

realy hope someone can help, i'm a novice as you will see from my question.
my sister bought a used pc about 6 months with
xp pro already installed, no CD or anything else.
she downloaded sp2 from microsoft and it would'nt open windows because of no key or anything.
so in a moment of madness i decided to try and sort it out(big mistake)Installed my own genuine
version of xp home on her pc but i can't activate it, the windows are on but i only have so many days left to activate it. so my questions are
1)how do i remove my xp home off her pc
2)what new windows should she install, its AMD 4 or 500 Mhz (can't quite remember)and only uses it for letters and the net,would 98se be okay, or would it be best to stick with xp pro, and would it have to be a full version or upgrade?

many thanks in advance


  hillybilly 01:33 03 Nov 2004

Sounds like an AMD K6 if its 500Mhz, quite frankly a processor of that power being used just for letters and surfing will run just as well with 98se. In fact it will appear quicker because of the size of operating system and the amount of ram that your sister has.

Your probably best off looking somewhere like eBay for a copy of win98se and do a complete clean installation.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:53 03 Nov 2004

Yes 98 sounds good 2 me 2, but you might need click here before you format the disk....T

  Djohn 01:58 03 Nov 2004

I agree with hillybilly and THE TERMINATOR. 98se is an excellent operating system to use and much better suited to the specifications of your sisters PC.

  blueblue 02:49 03 Nov 2004

cheers guys, much appreciated. Terminator, should i use my xp home cd to boot? or download from the site you suggested?.
Tried to format but sisters pc is not having it.
so how do i get her pc to format the hard drive for a clean installation, would really appreciate
as never done it before.
when and if i ever manage to format the hard drive, and i'm sure i will with the help of you guys, i imagine i would have to install a full version of windows as appose to an upgrade, and
would 98se install the same as xp or would i have to make a few changes?
sorry for being a pain guys


  PA28 08:59 03 Nov 2004

Check your existing drive format (Windows Explorer, right click drive C:>, Properties, file system). You may need to reformat the drive to FAT16 or FAT32 (recommended) to install 98, as NTFS is not supported.

  blueblue 09:41 03 Nov 2004

cheers PA28, at the moment its NTFS, so will change it to FAT32, but still trying to figure
out how to format the drive, i tried earlier but
almost ended up installing xp home again, i used
xp cd to boot from, was that correct thing to do
i wonder.


  hillybilly 11:01 03 Nov 2004

As the "The Terminator" posted earlier go click here and get a copy of win98se boot disk. Then you will be able to use FDISK and

remove the NTFS formatted partition

After that you can then recreate a new partion using all available disk space.

Now you can reformat that partition for fat32.

  blueblue 14:50 03 Nov 2004


cheers hillybilly

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