Can't uninstall Samsung.Havent got the disc.

  moby58 10:17 04 Oct 2015

ive got an older laptop which I rarely use.When I do use it I get the message

  Govan1x 10:39 04 Oct 2015

What message.

Try setting it back to factory settings. Maybe model number of laptop would help to see if you have that as a choice.

  moby58 10:52 04 Oct 2015

sorry!should have read..i get the message "windows installer feature your using is on cd rom/removeable disk.insert the Samsung networking disc.I haven't got the disc,its from an old Samsung phone.Tried to uninstall,but it wont budge.Any ideas!?

  moby58 10:55 04 Oct 2015

tried this too,but still there-----Computer/C drive/Windows/system 32/delete the folder you want to uninstall,then try to uninstall the program from Control Panel.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:03 04 Oct 2015

try running unlocker to help uninstall it

  compumac 13:23 04 Oct 2015

I haven't got the disc,its from an old Samsung phone???????


  moby58 16:36 04 Oct 2015

the disk for the software for Samsung phone..kies etc....the Samsung disk relating to when you plugged your phone into pc to download etc

  compumac 18:43 04 Oct 2015

Samsung Kies should be removable via add remove programmes.

  moby58 10:43 05 Oct 2015

it should be,but when I try to uninstall,i get the message "insert Samsung networking wizard disk"....anything to do with uninstalling Samsung asks for this disk..the message continually pops up,and eventually goes after third attempt to cancel it.its not so much the uninstalling,its the message continually popping up that I want to stop appearing continually

  compumac 10:50 05 Oct 2015

Have you tried to uninstall in Safe Mode?

  chub_tor 15:11 05 Oct 2015

Maybe it is just searching for the presence of a disc rather than a specific file on a disc. Worth a try just installing any old data disc when it asks for it. Might help, might not.

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