can't uninstall programme

  ss6c 18:34 08 Apr 2006

I had a free programme called NetMeter which monitored how much I downloaded. It was ideal for what i wanted. It suddenly disappeared. It is still there in START-Programs but if ou clic on it it just closes. it has an uninstall option that also just closes START down when clicked. It has disappeared from windows explorer also.I thought I'd reinstall it so went to uninstall programs. Message was that the program was already uninstalled.
I tried to reinstall the program from the web site but it would not install as it said it was already installed. It is not of major importance unless it is a sign of something more serious although I don't like having this "ghost" programme on the computer that looks as if it might not be a good programme anyway. any suggestions would be appreciated including why it should just disappear.
Of course the programme writer provides no support.

  AndySD 18:42 08 Apr 2006

Use the Windows installer cleanup utility and remove only the program click here;en-us;290301 reinstall it then use add/remove programs to uninstall it.

  ss6c 19:00 08 Apr 2006

Thanks. Installed the Microsoft programme as suggested but it did not list the netmeter programme so couldn't do much. Useful tool for the future though.

  AndySD 19:10 08 Apr 2006

The long way then.

Find the folder in the programs folder and delete it.

Then use a Registry Cleaner like RegSeeker click here to find entries for the program and delete them (make sure that backup berorre deletion is ticked.. Before you start make a Restore Point

  ss6c 19:22 08 Apr 2006

I think I mentioned that I could no longer find in windows explorer. The file no longer appears in Program Files, unless it has been made invisible somehow.
I have tried a registry clean with Ashampoo Win Optimiser and it did not have obvious reference to the programme.

  AndySD 19:43 08 Apr 2006

Hmm I am stuck then.

A PC literate ghost perhaps.

Sorry I wasn't any help perhaps someone else will have an idea.

  bluto1 21:40 08 Apr 2006

Is what you want still on Add/Remove programmes? If it is then on the April CD, Issue 129 of PC Advisor, under shareware, there is a programme called Advanced Uninstaller Pro. It has a 21 day trial period. Using it I finally managed to shift some rubbish from my PC. I had to use `Force Remove` to do so. Might be worth a try

  bluto1 21:42 08 Apr 2006

Forgot to add that if you don`t have the CD try Googling Innovative Solutions. B1

  ianeon 23:40 08 Apr 2006

There is a free programme called "Unlock" which will do exactly what you want

  remind 23:45 08 Apr 2006

I used Netmeter until a knowledgable member of the forum pointed out click here
which does a better job.
It appeared to me NetMeter only kept a record of the day's browsing, total was always empty.
Remove the program and its folders and start menu entries then clean your registry click here

If you are after something to keep an eye on your bandwidth usage on a second-by-second basis, LanMonitor is useful, but the author's site is often down - give the link a try though click here

  rdave13 23:53 08 Apr 2006

Unlock program click here

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