can't turn pc on

  faulties 11:30 11 Mar 2007

Hi all.

Turned my desk top on yesterday. It booted into windows fine but then went blank, nothing on the screen. Used keyboard to try turning it off (windows button/up button/return/move right/return.) Checked this with laptop this morning - fine.

The hard drive wouldn't turn off, so I tried restart button - nothing, then I tried on/off button held in for several seconds - nothing. Had to turn it off by switching the power off at the socket.

Now it won't turn on. It turns a light on & off on the cd drive then the red & green on the hard drive flash on & off, nothing on the dvd drive.

I've tried unplugging the cd & dvd drives separately & together - nothing. I have 2 hard drives for this pc, in cradles, get the same result with the other drive in.

Any help would be gratefully accepted, thanks.

  Kate B 11:35 11 Mar 2007

Any beeps from the motherboard?

  faulties 11:55 11 Mar 2007

Nothing. If it wasn't for the lights flashing on & off I'd think there was no power getting through!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:04 11 Mar 2007

Try booting to safe mode by continually tapping F8 during inital boot up.

If you can get in safe mode do a system restore.

If not then post back.

  faulties 12:12 11 Mar 2007

Doesn't even try to boot up! It's dead, just 3 lights flash on & off then nothing. I have to switch off at socket to get it to light up again. I've tried a different power cable too.

  faulties 13:45 11 Mar 2007


  Sharpamatt 13:56 11 Mar 2007

If you have access to one try a different PSU the cost of a new one is small but may be the cause of your problem

  cowboy62 14:01 11 Mar 2007

i once had a similar problem which i solved by resetting my bios with the jumper on the mother board u could try this before buying a new power supply the instructions for this u will find in the mbord manual

  faulties 15:43 11 Mar 2007


Tried that thanks but it didn't work, still get the same 3 lights flashing then nothing.

It's a chaintech vnf3-250 if that's of any help. I left the jumper moved for 5secs as instructions, would it do any good leaving it longer?

  woodchip 15:56 11 Mar 2007

It just sounds like what happend to me. The PSU blew took the Mobo and CPU with it

  faulties 16:21 11 Mar 2007

Didn't want to hear that woodchip. Can't do with more expense this month!!!

Will take it to my computer guy tomorrow see what he says.

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