Can't transfer files to mobile phone

  Baz48 16:28 27 Nov 2004

I am trying to transfer files, mp3 etc. to a mobile phone via usb.

I can do this on another PC and my PC can read and upload the files to my HD, but when downloading from my PC to the phone, either by drag & drop or the manufacturer's software (Nokia), I get the message "operation could not be completed".

What could effect just the download transfer on my PC?

Running XP Home with Service Pack 2.


  mattyc_92 16:45 27 Nov 2004

Are you using that "KONNECT" USB data suite & charger, cause I have been using this for a while now and it works OK on my system. I am running XP Pro with SP2. I have noticed that there is a file size rule that you have to follow though from the software. Also have you checked to see if you have enough space left on your mobile???

  Baz48 17:35 27 Nov 2004

The software is called Nokia PC Suite Ver. 1.4 but even without starting this I can't drag & drop. The drivers are called DKU-2 Cable Drivers. I have tried them, both from the supplied CD and from the website.

My son has the same set-up and both phones work OK on his computer but neither work on mine. I can put a file onto my memory card on his PC, which elliminates a phone problem. I can retreive the file on my PC to the hard drive but I can't download to the phone on my PC.


  Irishman 18:23 27 Nov 2004

Firewall settings?

  Baz48 18:48 27 Nov 2004

Could you expand on "firewall settings" please.

I had to install Service Pack 2 in order to run the Nokia software. I know that the firewall is on by default but know nothing about it or its settings.


  Irishman 19:06 27 Nov 2004

Control Panel-Windows Firewall-add Nokia PC Suite to the list of allowed programs. Don't know if it will work but it's worth a try.

  mattyc_92 19:10 27 Nov 2004

The firewall wouldn't do anything to this. Firewalls only protect you from Internet and Network hackers and rouge software trying to access the internet that may damage your system

  Baz48 19:40 27 Nov 2004

Turned firewall off just to see but it made no difference. Still only got one way transfer.


  mattyc_92 19:52 27 Nov 2004

Have you tried re-installing the program and USB device????

  Baz48 20:35 27 Nov 2004

Installed 3 times from the supplied CD, then downloaded an updated version and installed this twice.

My son can drag & drop files into the phone in explorer without starting the software, so I don't think the software prog is a problem. I can upload files from the phone in explorer, it is just shown as another drive, but not download to it.

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