cant stop separator sheet in HP PSC1500

  eric_bloodaxe 16:27 10 May 2010

I am finding that at least when using Word 2003 my HP PSC1500 all in one inkjet printer is spitting out a blank separator page at the start of every print job. I have looked everywhere in both Printers and Word to turn it off to no avail. There is no separator file selected in the printer software, but there is no off button either. In word I have unchecked document properties. The OS is XP SP2

  awest3 16:55 10 May 2010

maybe that your margins are too large and they overflow so causing an extra page to be used...even though blank..

  Peter 19:26 10 May 2010


Perhaps there are extra spaces and/or carriage returns at the end of the document. Is your Word 2003 set to display spaces and carriage returns while editing your document? If not, try switching on the display of such characters and you might find a bundle of them at the end of the document which are causing the extra blank page.

Also try Print Preview to see if this shows the extra blank page.


  eric_bloodaxe 22:37 10 May 2010

Hi and thanks! This has solved the puzzle. There was indeed a blank paragraph on a second sheet owing to the table being a tad too big for the sheet. I reduced the table row heights and the second blank sheet disappeared. What I assumed was an errant separator was in fact the print job printing the sheets in reverse order.

  wiz-king 05:49 11 May 2010

Don't I know it, that is a common problem with word forms using tables. Also, the printers habit of printing in reverse order takes some getting used to, very handy because you don't have to shuffle the pages, but disconcerting till you get used to it.

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