can't stop my moving curser

  unitedman 09:44 13 Nov 2013

When I start my PC (windows Vista) the curser moves about the screen and is difficult to hit the icons . Can you help?

  onthelimit1 11:24 13 Nov 2013

Are you using a wireless mouse?

  xania 11:26 13 Nov 2013

This may be caused by a fault mouse.

  jimforrest 11:40 13 Nov 2013

I use to have a fancy mouse-mat with a woodland pic on it - and my laser mouse used to wander about the screen when I wasn't touching it. If you have a mouse-mat like that change it for a plain piece of paper.

  unitedman 12:32 13 Nov 2013

mouse is not wireless. have tried changing mouse mat and even have it on the desk, it still wanders

  Woolwell 13:13 13 Nov 2013

Can you try a different mouse?

  unitedman 13:25 13 Nov 2013

no, but I will borrow one as it might be the problem…. Thanks

  compumac 14:01 13 Nov 2013

Have you cleaned the internals of the mouse?

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