Cant start windows normally or from disc

  User-87EEEFA5-4618-4857-9DE1C5D92EB83404 21:32 28 Dec 2007

Windows XP Motherboard ASUS 6585
My Dad attached a new Microsoft ergonomic keyboard and then attached a Logitech left-handed mouseto his PC
After which the PC rebooted and now cannot get to safe mode or any other diagnostic tool.
When I boot from the windows XP disc it loads its files but gets stuck on the starting up windows bit.
I decided to just install a ghost image I took of his drive a few months earlier because thankfully he was saving data on another drive.
The image was installed fine but once again the same scenario happened. There is no way of getting to windows it just goes blank or stops the countdown if you choose start windows normally.
I put in a new hard drive and installed the ghost image again but the same problem exists.
I went to reformat the hard drive using a windows 98 floppy disc but it just says remove discs and press any key to restart. It won’t let me.

One thing that did make me think, although you’ll probably think it is nothing, is that he plugged in his mouse to a PS2 port while the computer was already on. I have been outa the game along time with PCs but that used to be a good way of screwing up motherboards. Whether it could cause this I don’t know. It was suggested it was a boot virus but it is the same on a new hard dive.
Any help would be great for my mother’s sake as he is like a bear with a sore head having no PC.

  Fraser257 21:37 28 Dec 2007

Plugging something into a PS2 port when the computer is on is an excellent way to do in your mobo. If the Windows XP or 98 discs doesn't work, I can't think of any other way to reformat the hard drive. Try and access in the BIOS settings if you can and change the boot sequence so that it boots from floppies first, and then try again.

Apart from trying that, the only other way to wipe your HDD would be to run a strong magnet over it ;)

  PSF 21:45 28 Dec 2007

Did the new keyboard and mouse come with PS2-USB adaptors? If so try using them instead of PS2 connectors, they could have damaged the mobo being plugged in live. The damaged circuit could be blocking the booting as no keyboard is recognised.

Thanks for replying

I can get into the BIOS and I have set it for booting from the A drive first. I wish I hadn't tried putting the Ghost image on the new hard drive first. I should have just tried the windows disc first. Not that I can see what differance this would make. I just don't understand why the windows disc would get to and stop at STARTING UP WINDOWS on a new hard drive. Surely it wouldn't have got that far with a motherboard problem.
I will try reformatting the disk on my machine tomorrow. (My GOD the thought of pulling my machine out). Any other ideas appreciated:)

  Fraser257 21:55 28 Dec 2007

The condition of the hard drive should have no effect on the functionality of the XP disc. Try having a look on the shiny side of your XP disc, is it scratched or dirty? That could prevent it from working properly.


Actually it is USB and my Dad put it into a PS2 adaptor that came with it! To be fair to my Dad logitech did say to plug it in while the machine was on!

I am now using a normal key board and it works as it lets me choose the different types of safemode. Thx

The disc seems fine. I have cleaned it though. The strange thing is the system stops at starting windows from the first time it went wrong with my Dad, also with Ghjost CD and also with the windows CD. maybe I should start pulling PCI cards one at a time and retrying to boot?

  Fraser257 22:00 28 Dec 2007

Glad to hear that you can get into the Safe Mode menu. If you don't have any luck in there and you still can't start Windows normally, click here . There are links near the bottom of the page for making XP floppy boot discs that will let you access the Recovery Console and should allow you to use your XP CD.

  PSF 22:00 28 Dec 2007

Have you tried loading Last Known good Configuration in safe mode.

Yes I have tried them all. Now there is no last good known config as it is a new harddrive but I tried it when all went wrong at first.
Can't get to the recovery console as the window disc only loads its files and then stops. Unless there is another way to access it

Just read your last post. I will have to get another floppy drive as I don't have one to make them Although there is one on my dads machine. I thought I would never need one again. DOH! DO XP start up CDs exist? Are they not the same as just putting in the boot cd?

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