Can't start Windows 98 after installing Linux

  Pinochio 21:49 03 Jun 2004


I recently installed Linux on my PC. Until then, I had no difficulty starting the other two operating systems I have on my PC (Windows 98 and XP).

Since installing Linux I get the following error message when I try to start Win98 "Invalid Media Type Drive D. Abort, retry, fail". Drive D is where Linux is installed. It does not matter if I choose Abort or Retry or Fail, Win98 will not start.

If I hide the D drive using Partition Magic, Win98 will start but, for various reasons, I don't want to have to hide this partition.

Gratefull for any help you can give.

  keith-236785 23:12 03 Jun 2004

as you will be aware, linux creates a bootfile which enables you to choose which O/S to boot into. (grub or lilo)

windows xp when installed with win98 also creates a bootfile (boot.ini) on the c: drive

could you give us some more info regarding drives/partitions. what boot options you get at startup?

what version of partition manager?

from my experience, win98 should be on drive C:, XP on drive D: and linux on drive E: (though it wont be drive E in linux, probably hdb1 or hda5 etc...

would you be prepared to format the linux partitions and re-install?

it seems like you are having a conflict with the boot options.

  Pinochio 23:41 03 Jun 2004

Thanks for your reply Paperman.

Win 98 is on C:
Linux (actually it's Lindows) is on D:
Win XP is on E:

At start-up I get the Lindows boot options which allows me to choose between Windows and Lindows. If I select Windows, I see the same options page as I used to get before I installed Lindows - i.e. I can choose between 98 and XP. I have no problem starting XP (or Lindows) but 98 won't start.

I used Partition Magic 7. Let me know if you need anything more.

  woodchip 23:49 03 Jun 2004

I know how you can get back into 98 but what it does with XP is well you may have to run repair from XP cd. Start with win98 floppy disc and at A:\ type FDISC/MBR like this

A:\FDISC/MBR press enter

  woodchip 23:51 03 Jun 2004

To remove Linux partition you need Partition Magic or Acronis to delet the partition

  woodchip 23:59 03 Jun 2004

Should be FDISK/MBR

  keith-236785 02:42 04 Jun 2004

something in your config.sys, win.ini or starup files on windows98 is trying to access drive D: (which cannot be seen by windows as its linux)

i dont have win98 on my system anymore so im a little stuck, but open notepad, click file/open, browse the drive C:, look for config.sys and open in notepad. look for an entry pointing to drive D:, there shouldnt be any. do the same with win.ini,

also look in the startup entry in start/all programs/startup for anything which should not be there.

goto start/run and type msconfig, press enter

click the startup tab, look for anything you dont recognise and untick it. then try a shutdown/restart and choose win98. (do not untick Explorer or windows wont run) if you have any problems, reverse what you have done.

in config.sys and win.ini, any strange entries relating to Drive D:, type "rem" (without the qouotes)at the start of the line. save and try a restart

  woodchip 14:21 04 Jun 2004

He cannot get into 98 to look at config.sys

  keith-236785 22:33 04 Jun 2004

woodchip, i know there is a problem but Pinochio states in the original thread:-

If I hide the D drive using Partition Magic, Win98 will start but, for various reasons, I don't want to have to hide this partition

so for the purpose of editing the startup files it will be possible to get into win98.

even if you could not get into windows98, you could still edit the file from windowsXP as the file is on drive C:

or even through DOS using a startup floppy and the EDIT command.



  Pinochio 06:33 05 Jun 2004

Thanks everyone. I can't find anything that points to the D: drive in any of the files you mentioned.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Could my virus checker (AVG) be trying to check the D: drive during startup?

  woodchip 15:24 05 Jun 2004

As above FDISK/MBR at DOS prompt from 98 startup disc

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