Can't start my new diy PC

  Newuser252 17:50 22 Jun 2003

Hi, Ihave just completed building my pc. When I push the power on button the pc starts for a few seconds then powers off again. I have made sure all connections are seated ok. Any sugestions where to start looking?

  rickf 17:55 22 Jun 2003

What system is it and the specs including what cards you are using would perhaps elicit more of a response. As it is its like asking people for magical advice.

  jazzypop 17:55 22 Jun 2003

Check that the power button (on the outside of the case) is making full contact with the switch that it activates on the case chassis - it should fully depress the chassis switch.

  rickf 17:56 22 Jun 2003

Have you turned the switch on at the back of the psu?

  -pops- 17:57 22 Jun 2003

Start off by only having the absolute essentials connected up - PSU, motherboard (and its peripheral bits like case speaker and switches) and monitor. See what you get with that. If it's OK and one more item (HDD). It that's OK add another and so on. Take note of the beeps you get.


  Newuser252 18:52 22 Jun 2003

Thanks for the replies. I have a H00b aopen case, AMD 2800+ XP,GA 7AXP A ULTRA MB, 512KB 184DIMM PC3200 RAM, RADEON 9000PRO ALL IN WONDER, DIMONDMAX PLUS9 120GB SATA150 HDD, MIS CDRW.IIYAMA 17" Flat Screen. Thats all that's connected so far. cheers Ian.

  Smiler 19:00 22 Jun 2003

Check that the cpu fan is connected to the correct position on the motherboard otherwise the bios will think the fan isn't running and close down before frying the cpu.

  Djohn 19:01 22 Jun 2003

Is it something as simple as not pulling off the protective strip from the heatsink "Thermal pad"?

This would cause rapid overheat, then shutdown. j.

  paddyjack 19:47 22 Jun 2003

Have seen this problem when fan not powerful enough

  rickf 20:38 22 Jun 2003

Is your psu powerful enough to supply the various bits? On a system such as yours I would expect it to be at least 350. 450 would be even better. As indicated it could also be overheating and yes you need to detach the protective sheeting from the H/sink.

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