can't shut down PC without pulling power plug

  wobblymike 18:36 06 Nov 2004

A shot in the dark
I have acquirred a Pentium 3 450 MOBO which I have fitted into a spare tower I have. It works fine I have installed the OS no probs. However it will not shut down - it gets to the point of "It is now safe to turn off your PC" and I can't. I have tried holding in the on/off button, doing a quick on/off nothing. I have also tried this with no HDD or other drives connected and it is the same. I know about enabling APM etc but it is nothing to do with that. All the wire connections to the MOBO from the tower do what they say and work properly as far as I can tell except I have one 4 pin connector left over with a black and a red wire connected to two of the 4 pins and the others empty. I can find nowhere for it to go it is a similar connector to an audio connector that goes into a cd drive I wondered if it was the tower speaker and if so its a red herring. I have replaced the PS with 2 differenrt ones no joy. I appreciate this is a difficult one to call remotely but does anyone have any ideas.

  slimbo51 18:41 06 Nov 2004

What os are u using..?

  wobblymike 18:43 06 Nov 2004

xp with sp 1 and 2

  sortof 18:47 06 Nov 2004

click here - XP shutdown probs

  wobblymike 18:58 06 Nov 2004

Thanks for responding but the problem is impervious to the OS as it is there when no HDD or CD drive is connected.

  stalion 19:03 06 Nov 2004

try here scroll down for sp2
click here

  wobblymike 19:10 06 Nov 2004

Thanks again but if the tower won't switch off with no os and no drives connected I can't see what the OS has to do with it or am I missing something?

  Dorsai 19:11 06 Nov 2004

It may be that the Mobo is just incapable of shutting itself down. The reason windows includes the 'now safe to turn off' screen is because not all PC's can turn themself off. I would guess a 450Mhz mobo to be several years old. The self power off function has not always been around. YOu mobo may just predate it.

  wobblymike 19:17 06 Nov 2004


You may well be right - thanks.

Any other thoughts welcome


  dan 11 19:31 06 Nov 2004

I think Dorsai is spot on. I was looking at an older board with a amd duron 700 fitted, the problem was that XP with sp2 would not boot. The problem was sorted I went to shut down and the " it is safe to turn your computer off now" came up. The owner said that has always been the same, even when 98se was installed.

  woodchip 19:51 06 Nov 2004

The problem is a combination of motherboard and Computer case. and how your operating system shuts the computer down if the Monitor goes blank watch it it should then go black you can then turn of the computer. The fan will be still running until you push the off button

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